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                          Fiona Craig's Philosophy

After mostly living in Australia, Fiona Craig developed an understanding of ancient Australian mythology through the indigenous and non-indigenous communities.


Arriving in Palma, Spain, she was struck by its ancient structures, and also the age-old mythologies and stories embedded within its walls. Symbology is built withing many of the ancient geometric structures but after exploring the medieval carvings of Palma cathedral, Fiona found expressions of her absorptions were already emerging in  her artworks.

Fiona Craig has studied and exhibited in art schools, colleges and universities in the UK, Australia and Palma. In Europe she discovered that the philosophy of the Postmodern Art Movement to be an indeterminate divergence from ancient mythologies.


Being an artist of reason, Fiona Craig believes in reflecting an understanding of universal laws, truths and the beauty of nature  within the subject of her artworks.  She advocates that there are distinct Indigenous peoples spread across almost every continent of the world who can express the laws and moralities within their tribe and culture. Furthermore she appraises learning of  inner contemplation about our universe, Like the indigenous cultures of the world The Cosmological Principle, can be discovered individually but, in order to embrace creative thought, we must be patient in waiting for                   our own inspirations to arise. 


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